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The Moroccan Mint Tea: a social tradition, a gesture of consideration, a ceremonial and a wonderful welcome

Mint tea - Morocco Marrakesh, Marrakech Thé à la Menthe

Credits: Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga - Unsplash

The origin of the Moroccan tradition of mint tea is a bewitching mystery that has captivated minds for centuries. Accounts differ and historians debate, but one thing is certain: this drink is deeply rooted in Moroccan culture.

Some claim that the Phoenicians introduced tea to Morocco in the 12th century, while others maintain that the nomadic Berbers imported it from Asia. There are even those who claim that the Arabs brought this tradition with them when they arrived, or that it was the Spanish and Portuguese invaders who brought this sweet drink to the country in the 1900s. One fascinating story has it that Queen Victoria gave tea to a prominent Moroccan representative.

In short, the origins of mint tea in Morocco remain an unsolved mystery.

Whatever the true story, one thing is undeniable: tea now occupies a central place in Moroccan drinking habits. Morocco is even one of the biggest importers of tea in the world, as this delicious beverage generally comes from China. Mint tea is much more than just a drink; it is a symbol of conviviality, hospitality and tradition in the heart of Morocco. Share with us your own experiences with this emblematic drink.

Moroccan tea: the epic of tradition

Marrakech Mint Tea

In the backstreets of the Moroccan souks, an old belief persists: that men are the masters of mint tea.

They are said to have exceptional patience, capable of devoting up to 30 minutes to the meticulous preparation of this delicious drink.

However, in everyday life, it is the women who play an equally essential role in the

Credits: Massimo Adami - Unsplash

preparation of tea, sharing this precious heritage.

Mint tea plays a key role in daily life and social ties in Morocco. It embodies friendship and hospitality. It is enjoyed with family, friends, colleagues or clients, and is often prepared in the presence of the guests. The tea master unveils a large silver tray, decorated with all the essential ingredients: the teapot, hot water, tea leaves, sprigs of mint and sugar...

Mint tea is a tradition that can be enjoyed at any time of day, with a slight preference for it as a digestive after a meal.

Tips for preparing the Perfect Mint Tea

Marrakech, Marrakesh Riad, Riads Marrakech, Morocco

Credits: Hans Jacob Brekke - Unsplash

Do you dream of concocting an irresistible mint tea worthy of the one thousand and one nights?

Here we reveal the secrets of a preparation that will dazzle your senses:

  • Start by pampering your bunch of fresh mint, giving it a refreshing bath. Then carefully remove the leaves from this exceptional mint.

  • In a saucepan, create a wave of excitement by bringing 1.5 liters of water to the boil.

  • In a bowl, create a mystical ritual by placing 4 to 5 teaspoons of green tea. Then pour the equivalent of a glass of boiling water over this precious tea, rinsing it of its secrets. Don't forget to discard the infused water after 3 minutes, as if to free the tea of its hidden bitterness.

  • Set the perfect scene for your tea by carefully placing the green tea in a teapot, preferably one with a strainer and spout for impeccable service.

  • Add your remaining boiling water to the teapot, creating a mystical alliance with the green tea.

  • The mint leaves reveal themselves, but not too much.

  • Bury them in the bottom of the teapot without revealing their presence, because they know that direct light would make them lose their magic. Add the sugar cubes like hidden jewels.

The suspense builds during a 5- or 8-minute infusion.

And now! The magic happens when you stir the concoction. Be warned, this is no simple spooning, but a ritual of decanting. Pour your potion into a glass, then return it to the teapot. Repeat this mystical dance several times to achieve perfect harmony, with every note of fragrance in its rightful place.

Ready for a Gourmet Escape in Marrakesh?

Mint Tea at Riad Dar Chacha Marrakech

When you ask yourself where to enjoy the best mint tea in Marrakesh, you'll discover that the options are endless.

But beyond the place, what really counts is the passion that accompanies it and the warm atmosphere that surrounds you.

That's why we invite you to enjoy an unforgettable experience at Riad Dar Chacha in Marrakesh.

Our dedicated team prepare a complimentary mint tea with love and tradition, offering not only an exquisite drink, but also an authentic moment of sharing and conviviality every evening on the terrace.

Credits: Pierre @ Riad Dar Chacha

At Riad Dar Chacha, every cup of tea tells a story, a heritage, a culture.

Join us for a taste of the true essence of Morocco, in an enchanting setting and welcoming atmosphere. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Marrakech through our mint tea, and let yourself dance to the rhythm of the flavours.

Our dedicated team is always on hand to ensure your stay is a memorable one. Experience the perfect harmony of comfort and charm at Riad Dar Chacha, for an unforgettable experience in Marrakesh.

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