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The Bahia Palace: a haven of elegance, opulence and wealth.

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Bahia Palace, Palais Bahia,  Marrakech, Marrakesh, Riad Dar Chachaa

Immerse yourself in history with a visit to Marrakesh's Bahia Palace, a recent 19th-century treasure built by the Vizier Sidi Moussa, chamberlain to Sultan Hassan I, Sultan of Morocco from 1873 to 1894. This sumptuous palace was built to satisfy the desires of the elegant women of the time, namely the Vizier's son's mistress, which explains its name, "Bahia", meaning "brilliant" or "beautiful" in Arabic.

History of the Bahia Palace

Palais Bahia, Bahia Palace, Marrakech, Marrakesh, Médina de Marrakech, Riad Dar Chacha

Construction of this grandiose palace began in 1866 and lasted over a decade, with extensions and improvements orchestrated mainly by the son of the Grand Vizier. Architect Si Mohammed El Mekki, assisted by the best craftsmen of the time, brought this exceptional building to life.

A new era began for the Palais de la Bahia in 1912, when General Lyautey and other French officers took possession of the premises during the French protectorate. They made remarkable improvements, such as installing fireplaces, a modern heating system and even electricity, adding contemporary comfort to this historic jewel.

Credits: Rigel @ Unsplash

Today, the Palais de la Bahia opens its doors to you for a unique experience, where you can soak up past grandeur while appreciating the modern touches that have been added over time.

Located in the prestigious palace district, south-east of Place Jamaa El Fna and close to the present-day Royal Palace, this residence was once one of the most luxurious in Morocco.

Palais Bahia, Bahia Palace, Marrakech, Marrakesh, Médina de Marrakech, Riad Dar Chacha

Credits: Tim Oun @ Unsplash

With its 160 richly decorated rooms, the Palais de la Bahia will immerse you in a world of splendour. Hand-painted or marquetry ceilings, carefully selected furniture and floors tiled with traditional mosaics bear witness to the refinement of the period. The use of noble materials such as marble and cedar wood adds an extra touch of elegance to the rooms.

Each room in the palace opens onto magnificent, lush gardens, populated by tall trees such as banana, cypress and jasmine, as well as patios with fountains that provide a welcome coolness.

Palais Bahia, Marrakech, Bahia Palace, Marrakesh, Fountain, Riad Dar Chacha, Dar Chacha

Marrakesh's Bahia Palace is open to visitors every day. As well as being a historic jewel, it is also a cultural meeting place, regularly hosting art exhibitions and music concerts. It is even said that the royal family, headed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, sometimes stays in a strictly private part of the palace when they visit Marrakesh.

Practical information about the Bahia Palace

Opening times : Visit the Palais de la Bahia every day from 9am to 5pm.

Entrance fees : Enjoy this unique experience for 70dhs per adult, 30dhs per child under 12, 10dhs for Moroccan citizens and foreign residents in Morocco,

Credits: Darya Luganskaya @Unsplash

and only 5dhs for Moroccan children or foreign residents in Morocco.

📍 where to find the Bahia Palace: click here for location

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