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Medina Guided Visits

The essential introduction to Marrakech. 

Imad and Ayoub, our local official guides, will come to the Riad and get you to discover in a morning visit the main sights of the Medina of Marrakech. 

As you are staying in the Riad Zitoun Jdid area, and souks, our guides will walk you to the Palais Bahia, get you to walk through the Place des Ferblantiers, the Koutoubia area, Jema El Fna, walking through the enchanting and bustling Souks of Marrakech, through the Jardin Secret and finishing your round trip at the Medrassa Ben Youssef, the architectural jewel of Marrakech.

This is the perfect introduction to your stay in Marrakech, especially with the charm and personal touch of our team of experienced official city guides.

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Marrakech Medina Guided Tour (3 hours)

After your delicious breakfast, Imad will come to the Riad to get you to start your Guided Marrakech Medina Tour at 9h30 am and finish around lunch time. A truly essential introduction to your stay in Marrakech.

PRICES for a 3 hour guided visit of the Marrakech Medina:  

Click on the button below to book your guide

Adults:  500 DH / for your group max 4 pers

+100 Dh/person above 4 persons

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