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The Manager - Pierre Giraud

I thought it could help if I shared a bit our experience of Marrakech and our guiding ambition or mission.

My Marrakech story:

Back in 2003, a friend of mine, wanted to invest into a Riad in Marrakech to just do a refurbishment and asked me to join her in this project. 

I just was back from visiting Egypt, Tunisia the previous year and my family on my father side came from the French colony of Algeria. During my youth, my grandfather kept talking to me about Algeria, about the magnificence of Bougainvillea in the Maghreb and the colours of the Atlas. My parternal grandparents in the 1920's had spent their honeymoon in Marrakech. Although I had visited Rabat and Casablanca, I had then never been to Marrakech.


When my friend suggested this Marrakech projet idea, I therefore leapt at the opportunity of visiting the Ocre city, as I felt this essential connection it had with my own existence.

On my first trip, I immediately fell in love with Marrakech, the Riads and the Morrocans. Their sense of hospitality just enchanted me.


I did renovate with this friend a first riad; then in 2006 acquired personally a small riad near Jema El Fna Square, Dar Yaoumi, the other riad in our collection, and post Covid, I decided that having strongly developed our skills in hosting tourists, it was now time to live life to the fullest and I took over Riad Dar Chacha with the team that had been faithful to me for many years. This also gives me the opportunity to spend more time in Marrakech, which was the dream I developped since 2006.

Every day, I keep discovering Morocco,  the generosity of its people, their warmth and joie de vivre. The more time I spend in Morocco the more I enjoy my experience here.

I hope that we will be able to enchant you equally in your discovery of Marrakech and the Kingdom of Morocco.


Contact me

Firstly a big thank you to have selected Riad Dar Chacha for your trip to Marrakech. I appreciate it a lot.

Our mission is simple: Making your holidays a wonderful memory and transporting you at the heart of Moroccan culture.

Although, we aim for excellence in our ambition, if we failed to achieve this, we are only human, but we will for sure try to correct anything that might not comply with your expectations.

As Michelangelo said: "It is better to aim too high and fall short than to aim too low and succeed."

If you have any questions, issues, or something is "getting lost in translation", or you need assistance in any way, I am always available to my guests. Whatever your issue, whatever the time,  I am sure I can assist in resolving it; at least I promise to do my utmost to do so.

You can, of course, contact me by email but for a faster response:

- contact me on Whatsapp on either numbers or both:

+33 6 87 28 44 03

+212 6 31 54 99 25

Have a wonderful trip in Marrakech. We are here to ensure you do.

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